Make Strategic Parking Decisions With Confidence

Turnstone is a secure platform that stores, analyzes, and models your curbside data to help you make informed and timely operational decisions.

A Better Way to Manage Parking

Parking occupancy changes constantly, so why do so many parking leaders still make long-term strategy decisions based on one or two days of data out of the whole year?

Periodic ground-truth data collection may be the norm, but the tiny snapshot of information it provides can’t show you what’s happening in your city day to day or help you identify patterns and trends over time.

If you want to turn your parking program from a guessing game into a science, you need continuous, up-to-date, and accurate data, and Turnstone can make that happen.


Make Predictions You Can Count On

The Turnstone platform is powered by our advanced occupancy model—a learning algorithm trained on ground-truth data, calibrated for zone-by-zone behaviors, and continuously tuned using new information—which analyzes parking transactions to predict real-world parking occupancy year-round.

Turnstone’s occupancy model provides automatic insights into what’s happening across your city at all times, giving you the continuous occupancy data you need to evaluate and adapt your parking strategy more often and make crucial decisions, including rate changes, in days rather than months.

Clearly Communicate Value

Once your data has been analyzed and organized, our parking dashboard takes it and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand, using graphs, maps, charts, and other visualizations to tell a story and help you demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Within the parking dashboard, you can:

Get occupancy metrics for any date and track and impact the metrics that matter most

Assess occupancy trends over time and in response to rate changes and events

Identify and compare parking patterns in different areas of your city

Export and share your data across departments to provide context and improve communication

Determine where to focus data collection and where to scale back

Manage your variable rate program and make pricing recommendations while reducing data collection costs

Turnstone has helped clients shift from annual rate adjustments to a dynamic approach driven by changes in neighborhood behaviors.
Thanks to continuous data, Turnstone clients are able to reduce manual collection costs significantly.

Turnstone Data Hub: Make Data Governance Simple

At the core of Turnstone Parking Manager is our vendor-agnostic data hub that pulls in, processes, and normalizes data in any format and from any source. This allows you to store all your data in one place so you can more easily build and maintain scalable data governance processes.

Want to start making decisions based on real-time parking data that actually reflects what’s going on in your city?
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